Consistent Inconsistency

Reno locals get to dress for all seasons, and if they’re knowledgeable about weather patterns (or the lack thereof) they know how to dress in all sorts of inclement conditions. However, I missed the memo… You know the one that gives people the inclination to check the forecast before walking out the door in the morning.

Today was one of those days. I knew better than to be deceived by the bitter cold waiting on the other side of my window, but the chirping birds and sunshine had me fooled. I ran out the door in ballet flats and a thin sweater. As I felt the cold wrap around me, I realized boots and a jacket would have served me better.

Being a born and raised Reno local, you’d think I’d be used to our wacky weather patterns, but you’d be wrong. Perhaps someone out there can learn from my mistakes. My first piece of advice would be to check the weather prior to getting dressed. Trust only the temperature—In this city both sunshine and storm clouds may be misleading.  Second, I suggest always having a sweater within arms reach. Third, layers never hurt…I always seem to forget that you can add or subtract these extra layers at your own leisure.

As far as layers are concerned, I always like to start with a light sweater and build from there. A trench coat is a suitable follow-up layer throughout most of the year—it’s a stylish alternative to other jackets and adds a sense of sophistication to all outfits. A thin scarf is also suitable through most of the year, and it can really help combat a chill. Finally, if boots won’t do, you can easily pair warm tights with flats or heels.

Please leave a comment below to let me know how you battle Reno’s inconsistent weather patterns.


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