Wardrobe Essentials Part II

After reading a recent article in the NY Times, ‘The Rise of the Well-Dressed Man’, I am as convinced as ever that today’s men are stylish.  But just incase you need a nudge in the right direction I have narrowed down a list of ten male items, in follow-up to my previous post, Wardrobe Essentials Part I.

10 Wardrobe Essentials

1. Every man’s closet should be built upon a strong suit. I personally think a tailored grey suit is ideal. Grey is a neutral color, which works well in a plethora of different situations. The single most important thing when it comes to purchasing a suit is making sure that you follow your purchase up with a trip to the tailor. Depending on where you purchase the suit, a fitting is more than likely included. Suits are also awesome because you have the option to wear the pieces as separates.

2. A nice pair of khakis is another a must for all men. Khakis are great because they can easily be dressed up or down. Fit is also very important with khakis. A good, slim fit will help you avoid looking sloppy.

3. Next is a pair of jeans. As I mentioned in my previous post, you’ll typically only need to adjust the hem with denim, as more expensive designers tend to sew a longer inseam. Many times men get lucky here—men’s pants are generally sold with several different inseam options straight off the rack.

4. The classic white button down is just as much a necessity for men as it is for women. Don’t worry about dropping the big bucks on this staple; it’s not likely to last forever.

5. In addition to the white button down, you’ll want to make sure that you also have a colored button-up on hand in order to add some personality to the other wise neutral essentials.

6. I think that every man should own a pair of classic sneakers. Even if you only wear them to run errands in around town, you’ll want to make sure you have something to compliment the casual elements of your wardrobe.

7. Every man should own a nice pair of leather shoes. Black or brown are both suitable, but black is the safer choice. If you are going for a more fashion forward look however, pair brown leather with your grey suit.

8. I also think that all men should own a slim-fit black V-neck. A black V-neck can be paired with jeans for a casual look, or it can even be paired with a suit for a more sophisticated casual look.

9. You should also consider investing in a high quality black skinny tie. The skinny tie has re-circulated in recent times, and in my opinion has replaced the regular larger width tie. It gives a more streamlined look, and will instantly make you look more distinguished.

10. Finally, I think that all men, especially those in business, should wear an expensive-looking watch. I know we have modern technology and many would rather check their phone than their wrist, but nothing can replace the look of this classic accessory.

Below you’ll see several different outfit options compiled from my essential wardrobe list.

Wardrobe Essentials Outfit Ideas

I’d love to know how you would style these wardrobe staples; share your comments below.


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essentials Part II

  1. I think that your choices are absolutely brilliant, and will be giving them to my son to start his adult wardrobe. Thank you for your help.

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