Shop Local: Never Ender

Never Ender

When was the last time walking into a store made you happy? Just yesterday I got the warm fuzzies when I walked through the door of Never Ender. Sure, I love retail more than most, but it is seldom I feel such happiness when entering a store. I’m not sure if it was the small-time mom and pop feel or the quaint midtown brownstone that had me so giddy; whatever it was, I liked it…a lot.

Melanie Crane, Owner of Never Ender

Melanie Crane, Owner of Never Ender

In 2004 owner Melanie Crane’s daughter Amber Solorzano started Never Ender. She wanted to create a space where she could bring fashion and local art together. Built upon the fundamental notion of selling clothing, accessories and art by emerging artists and designers, its obvious Never Ender has never lost sight of its original vision.

When asked about her opinion on style in Reno, Melanie explained how Reno falls behind some of the trending tendencies that many of the larger cities exuberate—I couldn’t agree with her more. It’s not our fault though. We just don’t have that many trendy shopping options. The good news is we are acquiring more; the even better news…we have Never Ender.

Never EnderThe next time you are looking for something original or trendy, stop by Never Ender. They carry clothing from designers based out of Truckee, San Francisco and Los Angeles; many of the accessories are locally made and each month the store’s gallery features a different artist. Never Ender isn’t afraid to break the mold, and lucky for us, it has become a place people can visit to figure out what’s in.

Never EnderNever Ender is located at 119 Thoma Street. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. When you stop by don’t forget to check out Gold Seam, a small vintage shop located at the back of the Thoma house. I highly recommend checking the store out. You’ll enjoy the superb customer service, and I doubt you’ll leave empty handed.

Check Never Ender out on Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts about the store below!


6 thoughts on “Shop Local: Never Ender

  1. I also have a small local store for clothes that I thoroughly enjoy visiting. And the shop keeper knows my taste, offers me what I’d like from the new arrivals.. it’s wonderful!

  2. Love this, Never Ender is such a great store… They carried all of my crochet line throughout the cooler months and now carry our “Versatile Wood Frames”..

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