Shop Local: Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor RenoClothes Mentor is a local second-hand shop here in Reno, owned by none other than…Hillary Schieve, who is also the owner of Plato’s Closet and The Biggest Little Fashion Truck. Clothes Mentor is located right next door to Plato’s Closet in the vibrant and thriving Midtown District. Clothes Mentor caters to a more mature audience than Plato’s Closet though, and the brands they carry reflect that.

Clothes Mentor is run in a very similar fashion to Plato’s. They buy, sell and trade your gently used name brand clothing. The only difference? The brands they’re looking for include Banana Republic, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Louis Vuitton, BCBG, Free People, etc. The store is organized by style, size and color…That means if you’re looking for a little black dress you’ll know exactly where to find it.

The staff at Clothes Mentor is very friendly and knowledgeable about the latest trends. If you’re shopping for something specific, let them know. Chances are they’ll lead you straight to it. After all, they did buy it! When sorting through the racks it is easy to tell that the buyers are very diligent when it comes to purchasing items, this process ensures that you will only find the highest quality second-hand. Many times you’ll find items still intact with original tags.

Clothes Mentor RenoIf you plan on selling your clothing to Clothes Mentor make sure that all the items you bring in are current (carried by stores within the past two years), in great condition (free of flaws and gently used) and name brand. If you follow these 3 simple rules you’re sure to leave with cash…err, clothes in hand. No matter how hard I try, I always find myself in the latter position.

Clothes  Mentor is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm and Sundays from 11:00am to 7:00pm. Be sure to check them out if your work or weekend wardrobe needs an overhaul!

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Summer Is Here

Summer is here. This is Reno though and the weather is unpredictable, so who really knows for sure. Either way, one thing is certain, the time has come for swimwear shopping. Typically my least favorite form of shopping. This summer though I am actually looking forward to hitting the stores. Retro is in and that makes my curves happy. In days of swimwear past, voluptuous women were in, cuts were flattering to a woman’s form and there was a bit of body left to the imagination. Today I am going to share three different online shops who sell vintage inspired swimwear with you.


Modcloth Retro Swimwear

Esther Williams Bathing Beauty One Piece | Modcloth | $89.99

Modcloth is probably my favorite destination for vintage inspired clothing, and designs like this vintage inspired suit are the reason why. The  ruching through the midsection accentuates curves as well as disguises certain flaws making it flattering to a multitude of different shapes. I’m certain that the designer drew inspiration from pin-up shoots featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage Retro Swimwear

All Black Monroe Two Piece Swimsuit | Unique Vintage | $64.00

Unique Vintage has a wide range of both one and two piece retro swimsuits. This suit in particular reminds me of a tankini in the sense that it covers a good portion of the midsection…the only difference is that this one covers the part that matters. Whether we’d like to admit it or not a lot of us have an unwanted bloat, this two piece makes it unnoticeable.


ASOS Retro Swimwear

Baku Lace Bandeau Bikini Top With Sierra Floral Print | ASOS | $217.79

ASOS is known for carrying trendy clothing, not retro pieces. But I am glad to see that they do retro inspiration well. Aside from being retro this two piece features several other trends as well. Bold graphic detail and mirror image prints. The high cut bottom does the same justice to your lower belly as the previous suit, but looks a little more modern.

Would you rock retro this summer? Share your thoughts below!

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Trend Alert: Black & White

A few weeks ago, I talked about the black and white trend here. It is still going strong, so I thought it deserved a little more attention. Not only is the trend lining the racks of stores all over the place, its also popping up on personal style blogs all over the web. Today I am going to primarily talk about how different bloggers are rocking this look, but I will also let you know where you can score a few key pieces for your own wardrobe.

Hoard of Trends

Casual Black and White

First up we have Magdalena of Hoard of Trends. She takes the head-to-toe black and white trend casual and makes it look effortlessly chic. She paired a classic white tee with a super cool white biker jacket from H&M, distressed black denim and some white Chuck Taylors.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Black and White

Next up is Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Her spin of the black and white trend has a downtown vibe going. I love the combination of the leather jacket and the lace up heels. Emily always keeps her outfits simple with minimal accessories, which is part of the reason I love her style.

B. Jones Style

Black and White

Finally we have Beth of B. Jones Style. I love the retro feel of Beth’s take on black and white. She is an avid thrifter who digs up some real gems. Both her peplum top and culotte pants are from second hand stores. She always manages to make her thrifted treasures feel fresh and trendy.

Black and white provide perfect contrast to one another and while the color palette is classic, we have seen that it is definitely current. Check out my three favorite black and white pieces below!

Black and White

Black and White Colorblocked Top | Forever 21 | $17.80

Black and White

Black and White Shift Dress | Zara | $89.90

Black and White

Black and White Stripe Leggings | H&M | $14.95

Have you tried the black and white trend for yourself this season? Share your comments below!

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Pack With A Purpose

Those who know me probably doubt my ability to write this post because I almost always over pack. It isn’t because I don’t know how to pack lightly though…I’d say its more a fear of not having the right outfit for an unexpected situation. When I begin packing I always have a detailed list running through my mind; however, when crunch time sets in I throw all logic out the window.

While packing for a recent overnight trip to San Francisco, I realized that I needed to formulate my own reusable packing list. Today, I am going to share that list with you. Utilize it properly and you’ll be sure to make the most out of your carry-on luggage.

Fashionable Luggage

First things first, much like my list of wardrobe essentials, you want the items in your suitcase to mix and match with each other. This way you get the very most out of each article you pack. This is easily achievable if you stick to a neutral pallet and add in a few key colorful pieces.

Start with your bottoms: one pair of black trousers, one pair of dark denim and a pencil skirt. All three of these items can be dressed up or down, and with the exception of the jeans, can be worn for work or play.


Now that you have the base items for your traveling wardrobe, you’ll want to add in a few more additional key items. You’ll want to pack a silky blouse, a brightly colored top and a light sweater. You can pair each top with each bottom, giving you a total of 9 different outfits from only 6 items.


With the previously mentioned 6 items you have a very stylish set of possible outfit combinations. All that’s left to add is a few accessories and extras. A black blazer does double duty–It makes any outfit more professional, and it can be layered for extra warmth in an instance of inclement weather. Next is a silk scarf, it adds instant glam to any outfit. I also recommend adding a skinny leather belt; it can be wrapped around your silk blouse or light sweater for a chic twist.


As far as shoes are concerned I recommend a pair of black flats and a pair of nude heels. Finally I always include a piece of statement jewelry…it could be a pair of earrings, a necklace or even a watch, but its always nice to add a little dimension.

Shoes & Statement Piece

And there you have it. With only 12 items, you have a ton of outfit possibilities. After these items make their way into your luggage you’ll still have enough space for a pair of PJ’s, under garments, your toiletries, straightener and blow dryer. Who would have thought you could be set for a whole weekend with so few items?

Do you think you could you travel with only 12 articles of clothing? Share your comments below!

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Shop Local: Labels Consignment Boutique

Labels Consignment BoutiqueWe all know that the streets of Reno aren’t exactly lined with fashion houses, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ladies out there looking for the latest designer threads. That’s where Labels comes in. Labels Consignment Boutique brings many different designer names together under one roof, and the best part…Its all on consignment. That means you’ll have a chance to score Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino at a fraction of their original cost. Its a fashionistas dream come true.

Labels Consignment BoutiqueNo need to fret though, you’ll find much more than just haute couture lining the racks of Labels. Intermixed amongst the luxury fashion you’ll also find the likes of Free People, Betsey Johnson, BCBG and Gypsy 05. But like many of the other local shops I have talked about, Labels is yet another location where you’ll have to dig. The real gems are buried, but they are there and they are affordable. I once scored a vintage Betsey Johnson sequin sheath dress, which I wore to my high school prom, for $80…You can’t beat that.

Labels Consignment BoutiqueBlythe Anderson opened Labels Consignment Boutique in 1993 and it has been a Reno staple ever since. I was first introduced to Labels when it was still located off of Lakeside Drive; since then the store has relocated to downtown Reno right off the river on West 1st Street. To this day I love visiting the store whenever I’m in the mood for a unique designer piece; whether that means a new purse, pair of shoes, necklace or dress Labels never disappoints!

Labels is located at 601 West 1st Street and is open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Sunday from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Make sure you check Labels out for your summer wardrobe updates!

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Fashion Repeater

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of trends repeating themselves through out the decades. I can’t tell you how many times my mom has told me she used to have a pair of shoes, jeans or a top ‘just like that‘ when she was my age. My response is always the same–Why’d you ever get rid of it? Can you imagine all of the vintage goodness that would fill my closet had she never parted ways with those awesome high waisted bell bottoms or that legitimate 1987 Guns and Roses tour tee? Instead I have to settle for my Hudsons and an H&M replica. That’s okay though, it makes scouring the thrift store racks for the real deal that much more fun.


B Jones Style 70'sOne of my favorite fashion bloggers, Beth of B Jones Style, seems to constantly channel the trends of decades past…And this outfit is pure 70’s. From the hat all the way down to the suede booties this look makes my inner hippie smile. Beth is always styling up vintage pieces; she scored this fab knit dress from Lost and Found Vintage in Orange, California.


My Style Pill 80'sAs trends recycle themselves, I think they get better. They get more glam. Take this look for example, its worthy of a John Hughes film, yet it works so well today. Christine of My Style Pill is killing it with her accessories, especially the fedora and over-sized shades–its enough to make Molly Ringwald envious.


Pink Peonies 90'sDenim on denim in the 90’s was just a staple of the grunge scene. Denim on denim today is…well hot. Rachel of Pink Peonies has this trend dialed in. If you’re going to do denim on denim you really have to watch the shades that you mix. The light and dark here are a perfect combination. I’m also loving Rachel’s accessories. The neon heels and statement necklace really pull this look together.

Which trend are you dying to see make a comeback? Share your thoughts below!

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Shop Local: The Niche

The NIcheIn one of my first posts I mentioned that The Niche is one of my favorite locally owned clothing stores; today I am going to get a little more in depth about what makes it awesome–you get the boutique experience (without the boutique price tag) from the moment you walk through the front door.

You are always greeted by a friendly smiling face who is more than willing to assist you and are instantly taken aback by the trendy fashions and home decor. Similarly to other boutiques, the Niche stocks relatively low amounts of stylish inventory, so you can be sure that you are making a unique purchase.

Lucky for us though, the Niche differs from normal boutiques in one significant respect…their price tags. I love the Niche for many different reasons, but most of all for their super low prices. The store carries various affordable purses, scarves, hats and jewelry, and many of the tops are priced between $20 and $40 with denim ranging upwards of $50.

The NicheIt is unlikely that founder Jamie Getty knew what she was getting herself into when she opened her doors in November 2004. What began as a modest retail location in Shopper’s Square on Plumb Lane has since become somewhat of a Northern Nevada staple. The store has expanded to four locations and seems to be busy more often than not.

The Niche was voted as the “Best Women’s Clothing Boutique” and the “Best Boutique Clothing Store” in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and I do not doubt they will continue their reign in 2013. The Niche currently has four locations, which you can find more information about below.

Reno, Nevada

1300 East Plumb Lane
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm,  Sun 11am-5pm
(View Map)

Sparks, Nevada

121 Los Altos Parkway
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm,  Sun 11am-5pm
(View Map)

Carson City, Nevada

931 Jacks Valley Road
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm,  Sun 11am-5pm
(View Map)

Truckee, California

10164 Donner Pass Road
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm
(View Map)

The next time you are looking for a trendy outfit or an unforgettable gift, I recommend checking out the Niche–You won’t be disappointed!

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Closet Organization

Over the past several years, I have moved a lot. I have experienced just about every single clothing storage situation possible. From half of a standing wardrobe to a coat closet to an entire bedroom I’ve had to make do with what I’ve had. Luckily for me, the latter is the situation I find myself in currently.

It was always my dream to have an entire bedroom dedicated to my clothing; one day my fiance made this dream a reality. I consider myself extremely lucky. I know there aren’t many fortunate enough to have an extra bedroom to dedicate to their wardrobe, let alone many who would want to. Today I am going to offer up some space saving and organizational tips that are sure to help you out regardless of the size space you are working with.



First things first, organize your clothing by season. Store the items you are not currently wearing in sealed containers. This effort has two advantages: it frees up space in your closet and it keeps your closet feeling fresh as you rotate items in and out seasonally. Next, sort your clothing by type–blouses, sweaters, dresses, pants, denim, etc. Finally sort by color (not everyone likes to sort this way, but it works for me.) Now you are ready to hang your items in whatever closet space you are working with.

Space Save



You will want to use a dresser of some sort to store the items you use on a regular basis that don’t require being hung up. Think t-shirts, tank tops, pajamas, etc. Not only does this provide easy access, it also frees up space in your closet. I also suggest investing in space-saving bins of some sort. I use mine to store scarves, bags, hats and belts. They fit nicely on the shelves in my current closet, but they have moved with me from house to house–they have proven to be useful in many different space scenarios. Another great space saving suggestion is to invest in slim hangers. I avoided them for a while, but when I finally made the investment I found myself with loads of extra room.

Work With What You Have


Whether you have a small space or a large space, make sure you are utilizing it in the best way possible. My current bedroom came with built in shelves, so I decided to use them for storing my most frequently worn shoes and to create a vanity. In the past I had used the shelving space above a standard closet to store space-saving bins, shoes, etc. or the floor of a small coat closet to store storage containers of out-of-season items.

No matter what size space you are working with their are organizational tips you can utilize to get the very most out of your closet. How do you get the most out of your space? Share your comments below!

How To Wear: Four Favorite Spring Trends

A few weeks ago I shared four spring trends with you.  I covered pastels, electric color, warm-weather leather and lace…And ever since spring sprung, these trends have been popping up left and right. Today I am going to showcase these trends and provide some outfit inspiration courtesy of some of my favorite fashion bloggers.



Rachel of The Pink Peonies knows how to wear color. In fact, she’s probably one of the most color savvy bloggers that I follow. Rachel took the pastel trend to the next level with this outfit. Even though each shade is a little different, this head-to-toe pastel look really works. Check out Rachel’s post here to snag this spring look for yourself.

Electric Color

Electric Color

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere has a very sophisticated and simplistic style. She always looks pulled together and this outfit is no different.  The bright pink and red compliment each other nicely while the subdued black accessories add the perfect amount of balance. Make sure you visit Emily’s post here to see where you can find this hot spring dress.

Spring Leather


Krystal of This Time Tomorrow is sporting one of my favorite spring trends, warm weather leather. This leather tank looks great with her distressed denim. Krystal is able to pull several spring trends into this one look: leather, camo and a pop of electric color. The outfit is effortlessly chic. You can view Krystal’s post here for some spring inspiration.



Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion is one of my favorite bloggers because she styles up some seriously fab affordable looks. In this look she is combining the peplum trend with the spring lace trend. The white lace is very feminine and looks great with her statement necklace. What’s the best part about this outfit? Its all from TJ Maxx!

Which of these spring trends is your favorite? Share your comments below!

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Spring Shoe Trends

Many women have some sort of retail weakness…mine is shoes. I love them all; however, I sometimes find these transitional spring months a bit tricky. Here in Reno, it’s a bit too cold for open toes and a bit too warm for tall boots. So, how does one go about looking stylish while still bearing our weather in mind? I’ve got you covered. Today I am going to share the latest spring shoe trends with you—they’ll help carry your stems well into summer.

Loafers: Steve Madden, $129.95

Cheetah Loafers Loafers are a great alternative to a classic flat, as they can be dressed up or down. This stylish pair features another spring trend: metal hardware.

Metal Cap Toe: ShopBop, $185.00

Cap Toe

 Metal cap toe shoes are popping up all over the place. From pumps to flats to sandals, this trend is everywhere. This pair would spice up any spring outfit, and they also come in pink, black or aqua.

Black & White: Aldo, $120.00

Black & White Wedge

Black and white is such a classic combination. I am glad to see it popping up in stores. This pair would look especially great with a black pencil skirt and bright blouse.

Neon Toe Oxfords: Matisse, $88.00

Neon Oxfords I am obsessed with this pair of oxfords. The neon toe provides such a great pop of color against the nude. These comfortable flats would be great for running errands around town and would pair nicely with a spring dress.

Ankle Boots: DV by Dolce Vita, $129.00

Ankle Boots

These stylish booties are the perfect transitional shoe. They can be worn with tights in the spring when its still a little chilly or with shorts and bare legs in the summer.

Sneaker Wedges: Aldo, $80.00

Wedge SneakersLove them or hate them, they are on trend. Many different fashion bloggers make them look good, but I’m just not sure everyone can pull them off. Try pairing them with wavy hair, shorts and an oversized t-shirt for a laid-back but pulled-together look.

Which spring trend are you ready to rock? Share your thoughts below!

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