Shop Local: The Biggest Little Fashion Truck

Biggest Little Fashion TruckHow many times have you kicked yourself for not being the first to come up with an idea? I experience moments like this on a regular basis, but I have seldom been as frustrated as I was when I was found out about the world of fashion trucks. A few weeks ago when I interviewed Jessica Schneider of Junkee, I was encouraged to contact Hillary Schieve. Hillary is a Reno City Councilwoman, the owner of Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor and the co-creator of Reno’s first fashion truck.

Biggest Little Fashion Truck

Vinnie Lucido, co-creator of the BLFT

After discovering the fashion trucks of San Francisco, LA and New York, Hillary and her business partner Vinnie Lucido felt a strong desire to bring the latest mobile business craze to Reno. That is when Vinnie set out to re-purpose an old delivery truck into the Biggest Little Fashion Truck.  Hillary and Vinnie’s creation features sleek hardwood floors, built-in shelving, outdoor pull-down racks and an onboard fitting room.

What’s the coolest part about the Biggest Little City Truck you ask? I’d say it’s the versatility. The truck is small and easy to stock so it’s able to cater to trends and a targeted clientele.  Even if that means hand picking a selection of items for a private party—that’s right…the BLFT will travel to you for your own personal shopping experience.

Biggest Little Fashion TruckYou can expect to find the Biggest Little Fashion Truck at different events and functions around town over the next couple of months. The truck made its debut at the Women’s Expo on March 23 followed by a visit to Real Deals Saturday this past weekend. The BLFT’s website features an interactive calendar that allows you to track the truck’s whereabouts.

Find out where the truck’s next stop will be by following the Biggest Little Fashion Truck on Twitter and Facebook!

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