Closet Organization

Over the past several years, I have moved a lot. I have experienced just about every single clothing storage situation possible. From half of a standing wardrobe to a coat closet to an entire bedroom I’ve had to make do with what I’ve had. Luckily for me, the latter is the situation I find myself in currently.

It was always my dream to have an entire bedroom dedicated to my clothing; one day my fiance made this dream a reality. I consider myself extremely lucky. I know there aren’t many fortunate enough to have an extra bedroom to dedicate to their wardrobe, let alone many who would want to. Today I am going to offer up some space saving and organizational tips that are sure to help you out regardless of the size space you are working with.



First things first, organize your clothing by season. Store the items you are not currently wearing in sealed containers. This effort has two advantages: it frees up space in your closet and it keeps your closet feeling fresh as you rotate items in and out seasonally. Next, sort your clothing by type–blouses, sweaters, dresses, pants, denim, etc. Finally sort by color (not everyone likes to sort this way, but it works for me.) Now you are ready to hang your items in whatever closet space you are working with.

Space Save



You will want to use a dresser of some sort to store the items you use on a regular basis that don’t require being hung up. Think t-shirts, tank tops, pajamas, etc. Not only does this provide easy access, it also frees up space in your closet. I also suggest investing in space-saving bins of some sort. I use mine to store scarves, bags, hats and belts. They fit nicely on the shelves in my current closet, but they have moved with me from house to house–they have proven to be useful in many different space scenarios. Another great space saving suggestion is to invest in slim hangers. I avoided them for a while, but when I finally made the investment I found myself with loads of extra room.

Work With What You Have


Whether you have a small space or a large space, make sure you are utilizing it in the best way possible. My current bedroom came with built in shelves, so I decided to use them for storing my most frequently worn shoes and to create a vanity. In the past I had used the shelving space above a standard closet to store space-saving bins, shoes, etc. or the floor of a small coat closet to store storage containers of out-of-season items.

No matter what size space you are working with their are organizational tips you can utilize to get the very most out of your closet. How do you get the most out of your space? Share your comments below!


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