Trend Alert: Monochromatic

Summer is here and so are the summer trends. One trend that I am sure is here to stay is head-to-toe monochrome. This effortless combination provides instant class and is quite easy to pull together with items you already have in your closet. Today I am going to share some inspiration courtesy of a few of my favorite style bloggers, as well as provide some rules of thumb when it comes to rocking this fresh summer look.

The Pink Peonies

Rachel of The Pink Peonies does monochrome in mint (another summer trend) which looks exceptional paired with neutral accessories and brunette locks. In this outfit, Rachel has paired a peplum skirt with a sweater in a very close shade of mint–the texture of the peplum and sweater compliment each other nicely. Rachel is known for her classy ensembles and often works the monochromatic trend into many of her daily looks.

Little Miss Fearless

Amanda of Little Miss Fearless is working the monochrome trend in head-to-toe pink. This monochromatic look works especially well because she has paired several different shades of the same color together–this method is great for adding dimension. The ‘coral’ shade of pink that Amanda is wearing looks great against her tan skin and blonde hair.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere pulls off a classic take on the monochromatic trend–head-to-toe black. Head-to-toe black adds an instant glam factor that is sure to turn heads. Black is slimming and looks great on just about any frame, so if you are a little nervous to dive head first into the monochromatic trend, this is an easy transition that will have you looking fantastic.

Would you rock the monochromatic trend? Share your comments below!

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Fashion Repeater

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of trends repeating themselves through out the decades. I can’t tell you how many times my mom has told me she used to have a pair of shoes, jeans or a top ‘just like that‘ when she was my age. My response is always the same–Why’d you ever get rid of it? Can you imagine all of the vintage goodness that would fill my closet had she never parted ways with those awesome high waisted bell bottoms or that legitimate 1987 Guns and Roses tour tee? Instead I have to settle for my Hudsons and an H&M replica. That’s okay though, it makes scouring the thrift store racks for the real deal that much more fun.


B Jones Style 70'sOne of my favorite fashion bloggers, Beth of B Jones Style, seems to constantly channel the trends of decades past…And this outfit is pure 70’s. From the hat all the way down to the suede booties this look makes my inner hippie smile. Beth is always styling up vintage pieces; she scored this fab knit dress from Lost and Found Vintage in Orange, California.


My Style Pill 80'sAs trends recycle themselves, I think they get better. They get more glam. Take this look for example, its worthy of a John Hughes film, yet it works so well today. Christine of My Style Pill is killing it with her accessories, especially the fedora and over-sized shades–its enough to make Molly Ringwald envious.


Pink Peonies 90'sDenim on denim in the 90’s was just a staple of the grunge scene. Denim on denim today is…well hot. Rachel of Pink Peonies has this trend dialed in. If you’re going to do denim on denim you really have to watch the shades that you mix. The light and dark here are a perfect combination. I’m also loving Rachel’s accessories. The neon heels and statement necklace really pull this look together.

Which trend are you dying to see make a comeback? Share your thoughts below!

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How To Wear: Four Favorite Spring Trends

A few weeks ago I shared four spring trends with you.  I covered pastels, electric color, warm-weather leather and lace…And ever since spring sprung, these trends have been popping up left and right. Today I am going to showcase these trends and provide some outfit inspiration courtesy of some of my favorite fashion bloggers.



Rachel of The Pink Peonies knows how to wear color. In fact, she’s probably one of the most color savvy bloggers that I follow. Rachel took the pastel trend to the next level with this outfit. Even though each shade is a little different, this head-to-toe pastel look really works. Check out Rachel’s post here to snag this spring look for yourself.

Electric Color

Electric Color

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere has a very sophisticated and simplistic style. She always looks pulled together and this outfit is no different.  The bright pink and red compliment each other nicely while the subdued black accessories add the perfect amount of balance. Make sure you visit Emily’s post here to see where you can find this hot spring dress.

Spring Leather


Krystal of This Time Tomorrow is sporting one of my favorite spring trends, warm weather leather. This leather tank looks great with her distressed denim. Krystal is able to pull several spring trends into this one look: leather, camo and a pop of electric color. The outfit is effortlessly chic. You can view Krystal’s post here for some spring inspiration.



Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion is one of my favorite bloggers because she styles up some seriously fab affordable looks. In this look she is combining the peplum trend with the spring lace trend. The white lace is very feminine and looks great with her statement necklace. What’s the best part about this outfit? Its all from TJ Maxx!

Which of these spring trends is your favorite? Share your comments below!

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