Summer Layering

In today’s video blog I am talking about summer layering. Layering is typically reserved for the fall and winter months, but with a few simple tricks you can work it into your wardrobe all year long. When it comes to layering, there are some fundamental guidelines to follow; regardless of the season, the following strategies will help you layer like a pro.

1. Start off with a neutral basic, whether it’s a tank top or dress this base piece of clothing will set the stage for the rest of your look.

2. I like to follow up with a light layer over the top; an airy blouse with or without sleeves is great for the summer months.

3. If you’re dressing for work or a cooler evening you can follow step two with a blazer or a light sweater.

4. Accessorize. I like to layer a light scarf tied loosely around my neck with lots of jewelry and over sized sunglasses.

Layering is an excellent and cost effective way to spruce up your closet.  We all go through periods where it feels like we have nothing to wear, which usually isn’t the case. Rather than buying a whole new outfit, try buying a new scarf or a new blouse that you can mix and match with items you already have laying around. It’s a good idea to invest in some basic wardrobe items that you can reinvent with layering and the addition of new accessories.

Do you layer year round? Share your comments below!


Summer Wedding Attire

Summer is finally here and that means wedding season is upon us! In my latest video blog I discuss the do’s and don’ts of summer wedding attire. You want to make sure and avoid the traditional wedding faux pas. To start, you should never wear white to a wedding because you do not want to take any of the attention away from the bride. Also, traditionally you are not supposed to wear black because it is a sign of mourning. I would say that this is no longer true, especially if you are attending a night wedding in the city.

Next, there are a couple of common sense rules you should follow. You should make sure you wear something that you are comfortable in that is conducive to the wedding venue, and you should not wear something too revealing, tight or short. Finally, you should avoid wearing any form of denim. You should make sure that your attire mirrors the significance of the event you are attending!

Share your thoughts on wedding guest attire below!

Summer Is Here

Summer is here. This is Reno though and the weather is unpredictable, so who really knows for sure. Either way, one thing is certain, the time has come for swimwear shopping. Typically my least favorite form of shopping. This summer though I am actually looking forward to hitting the stores. Retro is in and that makes my curves happy. In days of swimwear past, voluptuous women were in, cuts were flattering to a woman’s form and there was a bit of body left to the imagination. Today I am going to share three different online shops who sell vintage inspired swimwear with you.


Modcloth Retro Swimwear

Esther Williams Bathing Beauty One Piece | Modcloth | $89.99

Modcloth is probably my favorite destination for vintage inspired clothing, and designs like this vintage inspired suit are the reason why. The  ruching through the midsection accentuates curves as well as disguises certain flaws making it flattering to a multitude of different shapes. I’m certain that the designer drew inspiration from pin-up shoots featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage Retro Swimwear

All Black Monroe Two Piece Swimsuit | Unique Vintage | $64.00

Unique Vintage has a wide range of both one and two piece retro swimsuits. This suit in particular reminds me of a tankini in the sense that it covers a good portion of the midsection…the only difference is that this one covers the part that matters. Whether we’d like to admit it or not a lot of us have an unwanted bloat, this two piece makes it unnoticeable.


ASOS Retro Swimwear

Baku Lace Bandeau Bikini Top With Sierra Floral Print | ASOS | $217.79

ASOS is known for carrying trendy clothing, not retro pieces. But I am glad to see that they do retro inspiration well. Aside from being retro this two piece features several other trends as well. Bold graphic detail and mirror image prints. The high cut bottom does the same justice to your lower belly as the previous suit, but looks a little more modern.

Would you rock retro this summer? Share your thoughts below!

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Spring Shoe Trends

Many women have some sort of retail weakness…mine is shoes. I love them all; however, I sometimes find these transitional spring months a bit tricky. Here in Reno, it’s a bit too cold for open toes and a bit too warm for tall boots. So, how does one go about looking stylish while still bearing our weather in mind? I’ve got you covered. Today I am going to share the latest spring shoe trends with you—they’ll help carry your stems well into summer.

Loafers: Steve Madden, $129.95

Cheetah Loafers Loafers are a great alternative to a classic flat, as they can be dressed up or down. This stylish pair features another spring trend: metal hardware.

Metal Cap Toe: ShopBop, $185.00

Cap Toe

 Metal cap toe shoes are popping up all over the place. From pumps to flats to sandals, this trend is everywhere. This pair would spice up any spring outfit, and they also come in pink, black or aqua.

Black & White: Aldo, $120.00

Black & White Wedge

Black and white is such a classic combination. I am glad to see it popping up in stores. This pair would look especially great with a black pencil skirt and bright blouse.

Neon Toe Oxfords: Matisse, $88.00

Neon Oxfords I am obsessed with this pair of oxfords. The neon toe provides such a great pop of color against the nude. These comfortable flats would be great for running errands around town and would pair nicely with a spring dress.

Ankle Boots: DV by Dolce Vita, $129.00

Ankle Boots

These stylish booties are the perfect transitional shoe. They can be worn with tights in the spring when its still a little chilly or with shorts and bare legs in the summer.

Sneaker Wedges: Aldo, $80.00

Wedge SneakersLove them or hate them, they are on trend. Many different fashion bloggers make them look good, but I’m just not sure everyone can pull them off. Try pairing them with wavy hair, shorts and an oversized t-shirt for a laid-back but pulled-together look.

Which spring trend are you ready to rock? Share your thoughts below!

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Reno Street Style: Abbey Macaluso

If there was one thing I wish Reno had more of, it’d be fashion bloggers…they are far a few between. Abbey Macaluso’s blog, Bows to Toes, is a rare find.

Abbey is a 20 year-old fashion enthusiast. She has a knack for finding and styling affordable looks from many different stores around town. Abbey supplements her blog with a fashion instagram; she posts her outfits there everyday. It’s a great spot to visit for inspiration and local deals.

Outfit 1: In this look Abbey paired a tie neck blouse with a white strapless shift dress for an effortlessly chic look. Paired with black tights and black booties, this outfit works just as well running around town as it does for the office.

Reno Street Style Abbey Macaluso

Tie Neck Blouse: Burlington Coat Factory | White Wool Dress: TJ Maxx | Black Tights: Ross | Black Wedge Booties: Target

Outfit 2: Abbey’s second look is casual and comfortable, perfect for transitional winter-to-spring weather. Layering a light sweater over a dress with tights is a great way to get wear out of your dresses year round and to battle inclement weather.

Reno Street Style Abbey Macaluso

Knit Sweater: H&M | Striped Summer Dress: Target | Black Tights: Kohl’s | Brown Leather Boots: Choice

Outfit 3: I love Abbey’s third look. The pastels and lace are perfect compliments to one another and look especially good with her stylish ombré hair. Leggings are a great way to stay warm and rock spring looks in not-so-spring weather.

Reno Street Style Abbey Macaluso

Lace Top: Forever 21 | Summer Dress: H&M | Grey Leggings: Forever 21 | Denim Flats: Forever 21 | Faded Denim Jacket: Old Navy

Which of Abbey’s three looks is your favorite? Share your thoughts below.

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Consistent Inconsistency

Reno locals get to dress for all seasons, and if they’re knowledgeable about weather patterns (or the lack thereof) they know how to dress in all sorts of inclement conditions. However, I missed the memo… You know the one that gives people the inclination to check the forecast before walking out the door in the morning.

Today was one of those days. I knew better than to be deceived by the bitter cold waiting on the other side of my window, but the chirping birds and sunshine had me fooled. I ran out the door in ballet flats and a thin sweater. As I felt the cold wrap around me, I realized boots and a jacket would have served me better.

Being a born and raised Reno local, you’d think I’d be used to our wacky weather patterns, but you’d be wrong. Perhaps someone out there can learn from my mistakes. My first piece of advice would be to check the weather prior to getting dressed. Trust only the temperature—In this city both sunshine and storm clouds may be misleading.  Second, I suggest always having a sweater within arms reach. Third, layers never hurt…I always seem to forget that you can add or subtract these extra layers at your own leisure.

As far as layers are concerned, I always like to start with a light sweater and build from there. A trench coat is a suitable follow-up layer throughout most of the year—it’s a stylish alternative to other jackets and adds a sense of sophistication to all outfits. A thin scarf is also suitable through most of the year, and it can really help combat a chill. Finally, if boots won’t do, you can easily pair warm tights with flats or heels.

Please leave a comment below to let me know how you battle Reno’s inconsistent weather patterns.